Ascorbic Acid 101

Natural Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid is a compound known as Vitamin C. 

It is an extremely high antioxidant, meaning that it can “delay or prevent the oxidation of cells”. [i] It is now well recognized that oxidative stress can cause an increase in the development of many different diseases. Antioxidants are necessary for our bodies to not only retain homeostasis and proper organ function but can prevent many health problems occurring.

Ascorbic acid (or vitamin C) protects our cells from viruses and bacteria infections by providing a defensive shield around the cells.

It not only serves to help boost our immune system by doing so, but also aids the body in absorbing iron and “strengthens bone tissue”. [ii] Because Ascorbic Acid is water soluble it is easily absorbed by the body. Any excess of this compound in the body is merely urinated out so there is no danger of overdosing on this natural supplement! 

Unlike some animals, human beings do not produce ascorbic acid in our bodies. It is an essential compound in our body and must therefore be obtained through a proper diet. The challenge for us is eating those foods containing ascorbic acid. While naturally found in many citric fruits , green leafy vegetables like kale , and some vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, many of our natural foods do not presently hold the nutrients that they once did; pollution, pesticides, and other chemicals threaten our ability to absorb this essential antioxidant.

Other benefits of Ascorbic Acid are:

  • The improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels, tendons and ligaments
  • Helps to keep our blood from clotting
  • Relieves hypertension
  • Keeps blood flowing to all of the bodys organs, especially the heart
  • Decreases inflammation

Ascorbic acid helps to repair and regenerate tissues, protects against heart disease, prevent scurvy, and decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides. Research indicates that ascorbic acid may even help protect against a variety of cancers by combating free radicals and helping neutralize the effects of preservatives often found in packaged foods. This antioxidant may also weaken the strengths of colds, aid in preventing cataracts, and boosts our immune system. [iv] 

Ascorbic acid is a crucial antioxidant providing us with a strong defense against free radicals and diseases related to oxidative stress. The function of our body is dependent upon this compound in order to build, regenerate tissue, and help relieve inflammation. That is why we are proud at Edica Naturals to announce our Joint Zen, giving people back relief of joint pain allowing them to exercise better mobility. It is amazing to realize that nature has given us this crucial compound that when blended with other natural plant based ingredients offers a powerhouse of relief! 

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