Meet Ann Barnes CEO

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Ann, CEO, and the Founder of Edica Naturals.

Years of successful entrepreneurial pursuits didn’t prepare me for my greatest challenge: finding simple solutions to 'untimely' aging. My quest began while trying to alleviate joint pain. Years of running on paved city streets and a 10K obstacle course race, resulted in inflammation and PAIN. If that wasn’t enough, menopause then reared its ugly hot head and sent me into a sweaty and confounded mess. Ann-swers were needed!

As I searched for supplements, I knew that I wanted them to be: natural; plant-based (where possible); supported by fact-based scientific research; and, most importantly, the stuff HAS TO WORK! After spending a fortune on online supplements, I found that none of them worked, and few lines were geared towards anyone over forty. I felt like marketers and corporate boardrooms were treating me, and others my age, as either invisible or irrelevant.

This pissed me off. So, I did it myself and Edica Naturals was borne!

So, thank you my friend for joining us! I welcome you into our Edica Naturals family. Let’s get you started to be the most OPTIMAL YOU!

Be. Simply. Beautiful!

With love,


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