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The Power of Natural

Edica Naturals is dedicated to the production and distribution of fresh and natural premium quality products. We have created a company that reflects our collective family value vision of healthy food that: nourishes the body, reduces health risks and is grown with care using sustainable farming practices for the generations to come.

Edica Naturals has put together a wide range of healthy super foods which are all supported with recipes and informative facts explaining how to use the products and why. We want to provide you with better understanding about the health benefits of including supers into your life along with great ideas on how to better incorporate these superfoods into your daily routine.

All products in the range are sourced directly from co-operative and family run producers and are wherever possible organic certified. The direct sourcing policy ensures that we deliver great quality products at an equally super price.



Edica Naturals offers a wide range of plant based superfoods. These great tasting and easy to use foods can help to promote:  increased energy, a higher metabolism, heart health, reduction in blood sugar level and less inflammation. We source our superfoods from around the globe and we work closely with our sustainable growers: both cooperatives and family owned farms. Our attention to quality and our belief in plant based eco-conscious food results in nutrient rich products that have the best taste.



Superfoods are a super way to make every meal and snack of the day nutritious and delicious. Our easy to follow recipes will help to provide great ideas for salads, appetizers, smoothies, soups, stews, mains and deserts. Our recipes also include a wide range of options for specific diets that include:  vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, soy free and corn free. Our recipes can be shared and enjoyed with all friends and family alike.



Our superfoods are grown and produced by very special people. Our growers include working cooperatives or family owned multi-generational farms. We work directly at source with our growers who have the same dedication and passion for food as we do. Our superfoods are grown with care and consciousness as all of products are grown with sustainable farming practises, mostly organic, fairly traded with no child labour used. We are proud of our products and how they are carefully cultivated.


What we believe in

Edica Naturals was created by a team of passionate people who share a similar vision about our world. We care about our children. We care about our own health and the wellness of our loved ones young and old. We care about the environment and ensuring sustainable food practises for generations to come. We care about sharing information that can help others to make better choices for themselves and their families. We care about being part of the solution and to promote and protect a heathy planet with healthy people on it. We love what we do and we hope that you do too.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is an important part of feeling energized and happy, along with reducing the risk of disease and inflammation. To make good food choices it is important to get the information that you need to do so. Edica Naturals will help you and your loved ones make the best choices in the easiest and tastiest way possible.

Low Cholesterol

The heart is an amazing organ. It pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body to sustain life. That is why you want to keep your arteries and veins cholesterol free to allow the blood to flow freely. Edica Natural’ Foods have no cholesterol and can help reduce the bad cholesterol to help keep your heart healthy.

No Added Salt

Salt is needed in the human body but unfortunately most people consume much resulting in high blood pressure. Even in the absence of an increase in blood pressure, excess dietary sodium can adversely affect target organs, including the blood vessels, heart, kidneys and brain. So best to find your flavour through healthy food.

No Soya

Soya is a high allergen to many people. Even non-allergenic people may want to avoid this common vegan promoted protein source as it is a crop that is commonly grown with GMO seeds. Studies suggests that soy processing and many of its compounds has numerous unhealthy effects. Edica Naturals’ superfoods are a better source of healthy protein!

Nut Free Product

Nut sensitivities have increased over the past decade. With the threat of extreme reactions, nuts in schools and the workplace is a real concern. Nuts can also be harsh on the digestive tract when too much is consumed. Instead, nut free high protein plant based alternatives are available to keep the schools and offices happy and the tummy humming.

No Added Wheat

Wheat and many other grains have proteins that can cause allergic reactions, digestive intolerances and cause many complication to those who suffer from Coeliac/Celiac disease. It is an inflammatory protein that we all should enjoy less of. Edica Naturals’ products contain no wheat and are gluten free.

Suitable for Vegans

Vegans are people who choose not to consume any food or by-products from any animal, bug, insects, fish or shellfish. Even for non-vegans eating a greater amount of fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes and veggies provides greater nutrients. Edica Naturals’ superfood products are all vegan with a focus on nutrient density for all to enjoy.

Dairy Free

Dairy is a common allergen as is lactose intolerances. Even for those that consume it, it is a high fat based protein source that can create digestion troubles when consumed in high amounts. Instead, Edica Naturals offers delicious and nutritious plant based foods that include low fat protein sources that the entire family can enjoy.

Organic Food

We believe in organic and naturally grown food. Naturally grown /organic food have no GMO’s, improved taste, and chemical free food (since they are grown with no toxins nor covered in carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer). Where possible and available, Edica Naturals’ foods are 100% proudly organic.

Who we are

“Edica”: is a word made up from the first initials of the two Co-Founders collective 5 children. It represents “the next generation of health”. We proudly source specialty and artesian premium food products from around the world. We work together with producers who are independent family owned farms and cooperatives who emphasize sustainability and artesian production methods.

Edica Naturals’ products reflect our high standards of excellence, ecological responsibility and product distinctiveness.

Health Benefits

Edica Naturals’ products provide incredible nutritional benefits. In order to understand why our foods are so perfectly made by Mother Nature, it helps to understand the need how our bodies work and the need for well being.

To learn more about your body and how it works please read more about specific issues below and click on our products to learn what superfoods can do for you. Alternatively, review our informative review of issues on our blog.

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