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Saw Palmetto is a tree Native throughout South/East North America growing to 3 to 9 feet in height. The tree has a “palm like” appearance and has small white little flowers. It bears berries that has been used medicinally for Centuries; helps aid in decreasing inflammation and more effectively assists in reducing prostate swelling and decreases hormonal imbalances in women.[i] The berries are able to inhibit the enzyme ‘reductase’, stopping the formation of too much estrogen in women and too much progesterone in men being formed. [ii]

Saw Palmetto used for Low Libido and Infertility

Historically saw palmetto was used as a food staple by the Seminole Indians and was dried to use year-round for food. Saw palmetto was also used by the Mayans as a tonic herb for respiratory conditions, as well as for genitourinary conditions, impotence, low libido, infertility, and menstrual complaints. When the settlers came to North America saw palmetto was added to their diet and the fruit was even fed to their farm animals. The Native Americans widely used it both as an antiseptic and aphrodisiac. [iii] It is still commonly used to treat these same conditions.

Research has shown that taking saw palmetto at least eight weeks prior to surgery can allow for a faster post operative healing. Research now has also shown it to be possibly effective in regeneration of hair growth in hair loss due to increased testosterone in men. More and more research is being down throughout North America and Europe showing that this ancient berry is not just effective as an aphrodisiac but can be applied to many other health challenges.

In women, saw palmetto has been shown to be effective in increasing libido and fertility, decreasing menstrual irregularities and as a vaginal and uterine tonic. Historically it was used to increase lactation for nursing mothers and still holds a candle as an anti-inflammatory for ovarian pain. It was also used Centuries ago to treat urinary tract infections. [iv]

Saw palmetto can be found in dried or whole berry form or as an alcohol tincture extract. As a natural herb it is can be used as a wonderful addition to any health regime and seems to be free of side effects. When think of this, most prescriptions from your Doctor have a long list of side effects! Current studies show that there is little evidence of toxicity in the use of saw palmetto. [v] Saw palmetto can also be used in coordination with other medicines, although we always recommend that you speak with your physician before combining a supplement with a prescription.

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