CACAO: Energy, Vitality, and Sexual Libido

CACAO: Energy, Vitality, and Sexual Libido

Cacao for a Healthy Libido

Cacao is both an incredible tool to boost your libido and a delicious superfood with a full spectrum of benefits.

Lethargy and lack of motivation directly affect sexual libido. Mental and physical energy are what drive a healthy libido and help to elevate our sexual health and by proxy, our relationships. Low libido is an uncomfortable subject for sexual partners to address and can ultimately can put a relationship at risk. “The opposite of depression is not happiness, it’s vitality”, said sex advocate Andrew Saul Loman in his Ted talk. He defined it as the desire to “step out of numbness.”


Aging and Reduced Sex Drive

As we age our libido and sex drive naturally decreases (i). Younger individuals can also experience difficulty with libido and sexual gratification. Men can experience erectile dysfunction and women can have a difficulty experiencing orgasm. These issues are experienced by people of all ages and at varying times in their life. Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and a host of other medical issues can also be the precursors to low libido (ii). The great news is that recognizing the individual concerns and optimizing your health can in turn, have a massive effect on our vitality, sexual confidence and in the long run, the success of our intimate relationships.

Pure chocolate is made from the cacao bean which grows on the Theobroma Cacao tree. The beans are contained in large pods filled with sticky, sweet, white pulp. Cacao beans can be harvested and separated from their outer hall and broken into tiny pieces called nibs. The broken beans can then be crushed to make cacao powder. This can be found in health food stores and the organic health food section of your grocery store.


Super Nutrients for Super Sex

Cacao contains L-Arginine, an amino acid which converts to nitric acid oxide in the body (iii). This assists the body in regulating blood pressure, heart health and aids in muscle recovery. By improving blood circulation to the genital region our vitality and sexual libido is naturally increased. Antioxidants contained in cacao such as manganese, magnesium and iron stimulate the brain’s release of serotonin, uplifting one’s mood (iv).

 Cacao also boosts brain function. Our brain needs a healthy circulation of blood in order to receive the amount of oxygen it needs. When the mind is calm and the vaginal area has more blood flow to it a woman is able to reach climax much more easily. Likewise for men - when more blood flows to the penis accompanied by more oxygen to the brain, an erection can last longer (v). Cacao is a natural aphrodisiac and a delicious one at that. There are myriad daily applications and benefits to reap. Mayan Indians called cacao “Food of the Gods.” In this ancient culture the use of raw cacao meant that you were “honouring your body.” In this modern time, embracing their ancient wisdom could be the key to vitality we all seek.


Natural Energizer

Adding L-Arginine to your diet via cacao is an easy way to increase in vitality, energy, and sexual libido. A great way to supplement your daily cacao intake is Edica Naturals’ High Deesire™. Taking this natural supplement and superfood combo everyday is sure to put the va-va-voom back into your life and relationship!