High Deesire™ Fact Sheet for Low Libido

High Deesire for Low Libido

Boost your Energy & Libido with High Deesire™ from Edica Naturals.

Having a healthy libido, vitality and a desire for sexual intimacy is dependent upon many different interactions for a woman including her physical health and emotional happiness. Even pain during intercourse or not being able to reach orgasm can severely minimize your need for sexual intimacy. It is estimated that one in ten women within the United States suffers from a low libido. Yes seriously..... the magic of a relationship is a stake with one of the couples suffers from a low libido.

High Deesire is for those ladies that LOVE to love others and themselves.

Cupid does not have to only visit  on Valentine’s Day... in fact you can enjoy vitality, endurance, and a healthy sexual libido all at the same time with this Edica Naturals’  wonderful product. It is crucial for energy and a healthy libido to fuel all the stresses and many responsibilities’ that woman now face. Especially at this time in world history!

We must remember that a woman’s sexual libido throughout her life can alter from high to low, depending on her life situation. It can be affected by illness, menopause, certain medications, poor self image, depression, or the nature of her relationship.[i] Knowing your own natural sexual rhythm is important as it assists you in determining when you need to pay attention to changing desires. If a woman does in fact suffer from a low sex drive or a decreased libido there are changes that she can make in order to improve her arousal and relationship with her partner. They are natural and easy to take as a supplement – High Deesire.

High Deesire is a supplement for women based upon scientific research. It contains only plant-based natural ingredients which in clinical studies have been shown to help increase a woman’s libido, vitality, improve energy levels decreases stress, and supports healthy circulation and nutrients delivery to the cells. The combination of ingredients creates an effective supplement for any woman wishing to improve her libido and vitality. Let’s look at each ingredient or closely: 

  •  Ashwagandha; Helps to increase resistance to stress and anxiety in individuals.

  •  Maca: Supports athletic work outs and aids as an exercise supplement.

  •  Saw Palmetto: Helps support physical aspects of sexual health in women.

  • L-Argentine: Provides antioxidants. Helps to support healthy mood balance during menopause

  • Helps to support emotional aspects of sexual health.

High Deesire is a wonderful product that we are very proud of here at Edica Naturals. It is natural, plant based, and supports a woman’s vitality that we truly feel is a neglected medical concern for many women at present. Feel your vitality as a woman; feel your healthy libido, feel happy and energized, this is what every woman should encompass within her true feminine energy.


High Deesire™ from Edica Naturals

High Deesire from Edica

[i] mayoclinic.org