Boost Endurance with Ashwagandha Root

ashwagandha root

With all of the health concerns today for women such as stress, lethargy, menopause symptoms, low libido, and a pandemic, the plant Ashwagandha is a strong hero contestant! This is a herb that supports the whole person, especially those needs for the female body.  The extract can be taken from the leaves, being Ashwaganda extract, or from the roots where it is MUCH more concentrated; what is referred to as KSM-66-Ashwagandha extract. Let’s explore this amazing plant further.

The Ashwagandha plant has been used for Centuries in Aruveydic medicine. It grows throughout India but has now been adopted by all parts of the world for its medicinal benefits. The best way to describe Ashwagandha is an all over health aide. It not only helps detoxify our adrenals (important for diffusing stress), but also our immune system, and nervous system. Can we say AWESOME?! In addition, the Ashwagandha plant is also known in Aruveydic medicine as an “adaptogen”, that is, it assists our body's to adapt to our environment.. Traditionally this sacred plant has been used include the ability to calm the mind, provide physical balance, increase sexual desire, and aids in inducing sleep.

During times of stress our bodys release a natural chemical called Cortisol, creating a fight or flight feeling in us. This is a natural response however, but a continued feeling of having to flee versus standing your ground and fight, leaves the body and mind exhausted. This can ultimately develop other health problems later in life. Stress also creates a spike in blood sugar levels, creates insomnia, can cause weight gain, and has shown a higher risk for certain cancers. It is true we need cortisol but not as much as our bodies are creating now on a daily basis. Ashwagandha for stress can help relieve this response and by doing so, increases energy and vitality!

Ashwagandha basically allows us to enjoy a more active and stress free response to daily challenges. It is a natural and necessary component in building a healthy lifestyle by providing us with the following benefits in a nutshell:

  • Improves sleep. Ashwagandha has been shown to induce sleep and improve the sleep quality of insomnia sufferers. The human being cannot function on little sleep over a long period. Fatigue eventually sets in, causing the body tress and physical exhaustion.
  • Lowers cortisol like we talked about above, thus allowing the person to fall asleep more easily
  • Has an anti-oxidant effect. L-Arginine rids the cells of free radicals making the cells more efficient in building a healthy immune system and lowering inflammation..
  • Improves mood and behavior as a result of exhaustion. There is a clear link between fatigue and depression, so instead of trying to treat the fatigue with more caffeine and sugar, let’s get back to the “adaptogen” potential this plant has. It can regulate our stress levels and change our perception of life’s challenges so that we don’t become overwhelmed.  

L-Arginine is a protein builder, stress reliever, sleep inducer, and energy enhancer all in one! If you are using L-Arginine to build muscle in your work out, to assist in building your libido, or simply to have more energy each morning before you start the day, it is a natural way to help your body maintain its balance and enjoy your life with a new sense of joy and vitality! And how great is that?!

High Deesire™ has 300mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha in every serving.

KSM-66 High Deesire