Maca: The Adaptogen for Male Vitality

Maca: The Adaptogen for Male Vitality

Men’s Health

Men's health, oddly enough, has remained much neglected in our health industry. Surprisingly many of the health issues often discussed in social media are around women's issues. But what about men? Hormone changes in men occur and can be just as life changing as it is for women during menopause. However, this topic is rarely addressed or discussed, much less recognized. The male sex hormone testosterone is vital to a mans health - both physically and mentally. As men age it naturally decreases in levels but can have life altering changes. In addition to low energy, decreased muscle mass, and increased moodiness, a low testosterone level can also mean a low libido. 

Although it is easy to test for a low level of testosterone (a simple blood test), low testosterone levels often go unnoticed. After the age of 40, a mans testosterone level usually declines 1% per year. [1] Even the use of medications can effect a mans hormonal balance, which in younger men seems to be increasingly more common. One theory suggests that the amount of chemicals and pesticides used in our food industry may attribute to these lower levels of testosterone in young North American males.


Signs Of Low Testosterone Levels

It is important to be aware of low testosterone levels in order to avoid the often unpleasant symptoms of this hormonal imbalance. Some signs which may indicate this disruption are as follows: [2]

  • Low sex drive

  • Night sweats

  • Moodiness and increased anxiety

  • Loss of bone density

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Infertility

  • Loss of height

If any of these symptoms occur, a simple visit to the doctor can inform you whether you are suffering from low testosterone levels.


What Is Maca?

Within South American countries one of the oldest products for addressing a low testosterone level is called Maca. This native plant has been used for Centuries throughout Peru and Brazil as an aphrodisiac. It reduces blood pressure and depression while increasing vitality and libido. In modern research, Maca has been shown to increase blood flow to the genitals and helping a man to achieve orgasm much more easily. Maca increases sexual desire, corrects erectile dysfunction and has been shown to increase sperm levels.


Clinical Studies

Several studies have shown that Maca has also been shown to increase sperm production by supporting higher sperm counts and healthier sperm overall. For this reason, incorporating Maca into a daily routine may be helpful for couples who are trying to conceive and want to support fertility. There is more evidence to support the connection between Maca root and fertility than the connection between Maca and libido. Part of this could be because measuring changes in libido is slightly more difficult, since it’s a subjective measurement that’s tied to how participants report feeling, which can be much harder to record accurately than observable measurements. 

Recent studies demonstrate that Maca can help prevent the development of chronic human diseases characterized by high levels of “bad” cholesterol. In particular, the Maca “root” increases the glutathione (a natural antioxidant found in our cells) levels in the body. This results in overall improved function of the immune system, and increased disease resistance while helping to balance proper levels of cholesterol. In addition, it significantly improves glucose tolerance, by lowering levels of glucose in the blood. This is an important result for those who want to improve heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes. A healthy heart, is a healthy body!



The American College of Physicians suggests that men who suffer from hormonal imbalance take testosterone therapy. Similar to a woman's therapy for menopause, this uses hormonal replacement pills or injections to relieve the symptoms of the hormone imbalance. If however, one knew about the amazing benefits of Maca, which is plant based, would it not make sense to try this natural approach? Supplementing with Maca is an easy way to increase energy and improve a mans overall mood. This South American root vegetable has shown to significantly improve sexual functioning and poses as a powerful punch to increase muscle development and prostate health. It is a powerhouse in one single plant!