NEM® (Natural Egg Membrane) in JointZen™

NEM® (Natural Egg Membrane) in JointZen™

What is NEM?

NEM is the thin layer of membrane between the egg white and the shell. It is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals possessing everything that is necessary for life. This layer of membrane contains compounds that are required for the relief of joint pain, stiffness, and osteoarthritis, containing hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, collagen and other beneficial proteins that support joint health.[i] Considering there are more than 30 million Americans right now suffering from arthritic pain, this is great news! [ii] Clinical trials show that NEM helps support joint comfort and flexibility in as little as 7 to 10 days with only 500 mg per day. [iii] Nutrients like glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and amino acids, are also known to play an important role in offering relief from certain connective tissue disorders. Extracts from the membrane may also help to ease osteoarthritis symptoms.  [iv]

Joint Health

In March of 2018 a study using eggshell membrane showed positive joint health benefits for individuals. [v] Joint pain and stiffness from exercise was seen to have a faster recovery rate after its consumption.  In addition, NEM was shown to decrease cartilage degradation. Another study done with 60 healthy menopausal women in combating cartilage deterioration.[vi] , showed that NEM can be used as a preventative supplement  The latest study of NEM broke new ground by showing that the supplement can combat cartilage deterioration at a very early stage. Joint supplements are usually tested on people who have already developed osteoarthritis, but in this case, NEM was tested in a group of 60 healthy postmenopausal women who did not have a joint disorder.

Bone Strength

As stated, over 30 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis. The beginning of osteoarthritis is characterized by the destruction of cartilage that cushions joints.  [vii] Damage begins years before symptoms become evident, and cartilage wears away gradually over a long period of time. Eventually, some cases become severe enough to be diagnosed as osteoarthritis. Cell and animal research has found that NEM reduces inflammation that destroys cartilage. This quick relief can be beneficial not just to your joints, but to our overall health in general!” In other words, with or without joint problems, NEM is a good daily supplement to keep your joints in the best possible shape.

NEM opens up an exciting look into the healing and recovery of joints and cartilage. Taking NEM daily as a health supplement could possibly inhibit or delay the future development of arthritis, joint injury, or inflamed muscle tissue.  This is exciting news especially when we reach our elder years as the attempt to remain youthful and mobile becomes increasingly challenging. If one wants to know what aging for them will look like, examine what you are doing today! NEM offers this solution.




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