Fight inflammation with Natural Bamboo

Bamboo Fight Inflammation

Bambusa Vulgaris or better known as bamboo, has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicines including Chinese herbal-ism. Bambusa Vulgaris extract is a rich source of natural silicon. Western medicine now is just getting familiar with this ancient plant and its medicinal value in our health. Bambusa Vulgaris being high in silicon, offers a wonderful source of health benefits - especially to those suffering from joint pain. is a wonderful source of has historically been used to treat coughs and excess mucous and help alleviate fever.

Silicon Dioxide Bamboo

Silicon dioxide is a mineral naturally found in the earth’s crust in a crystalline state. It is also found in the human body primarily in the ligaments, bone, tendons, aorta (the main artery in our body), liver, kidneys and muscles. [i] “Compelling data suggest that silica is essential for health although no RDI has been established. However, deficiency induces deformities in skull and peripheral bones, poorly formed joints, reduced contents of cartilage, collagen, and disruption of mineral balance in the femur and vertebrae.” [ii] Some plants contain Silicon too such as grains. [iii] Additionally, it is created in labs and used as a common food additive found in things like baking ingredients, protein powders and dried spices. This compound has a variety of uses in industries ranging from food and cosmetics to construction and electronics.

Silicon helps with bone formation.

In addition to calcium and vitamin D, Silicon has been proven to increase the capacity for strong bones. The correct use of silicon can enhance the effects of calcium and vitamin D within the body. Silicon is best used in this capacity when it is obtained from foods. Individuals who receive more silicon have been shown to have increased bone mineral density. This reduces the effects of weak bones and the onset of osteoporosis. However, this effect is not found in menopausal women.

Silicon helps to regulate the mineralization of bone as well as helping to trigger the deposition of phosphate and calcium within the body. [iv] Silicon is also directly responsible for hindering certain cells (osteoclasts) that destroy bone while increasing the number of other cells (osteoblasts) to assist the body in building bone. [v] Silicon also seems to be needed for the synthesis of elastin and collagen in the skin, both of which are required for the skin and tissues to maintain its shape.[vi]

Although silicon has not been widely studied when used as a supplement for other conditions within the body, many scientists believe that the mineral may actually be used for functions other than the formation of strong bones and tissue. Some possible uses of silicon include: hair loss, digestion problems, sprains, Alzheimer's disease and heart disease.

Life is meant to be lived pain free and happy – chronic pain debilitates you and hinders your daily enjoyment of life. Looking to improve your health through the ingestion of silicon found in our supplement - Joint Zen, then look forward to a new mobility without pain and an increase in joy and new freedom!


JointZen™ has 20mg of Bambusa Vulgaris in each serving.

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