Black Cohosh and Joint Pain Relief

Black Cohosh and Joint Pain Relief

Black cohosh is a plant with a long history of treating muscle and joint pain. It is actually a member of the buttercup family and flowers in a beautiful white yellow flower. [i] The plant grows throughout southern and central North America. It can grow up to 2 feet tall and its roots have been used in herbal remedies for thousands of years. The Native Americans used in for many health conditions. Surprisingly one of them was for women’s menopausal symptoms. “A key component of black cohosh is fukinolic acid, a compound that has estrogen-like properties.” [ii] Yes, this little plant packs a lot of punch! 

There are important components in black cohosh that allow it to be an amazing natural health product. One of theses are compounds found in the plant that act much like serotonin. Serotonin acts as a mild sedative in the body allowing for diminished pain. It is also an anti-inflammatory while showing to be very effective as a muscle relaxant and a good analgesic treatment for those suffering with allergies.  There is also evidence that Cohosh root can treat colds, sore throats, backache, hypertension, and depression.

Containing anti-spasmodic properties, black cohosh is effective in enhancing the function of nerves. This is a reason why black cohosh is considered as an effective home remedy for aching pains and cramping. This natural gift from nature can give you a significant relief from pain if you suffer from muscle strains, injury, chronic nervous tension or joint stiffness. When we talk about the amazing benefits of black cohosh, we cannot ignore the anti-spasmodic properties either!

Beside anti-spasmodic properties, many wonderful benefits of black cohosh root and extract are due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Black Cohosh contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, such as the compound salicylic acid . As an anti-inflammatory it can act like a pain reliever such as asprin but does not have the side effects of aspirin. Therefore, whenever you have a headache or suffer from bone pain, you should take the herbal black cohosh supplement as a great alternative!

Living with pain and taking many pain medications a day, can cause depression and other health issues. If there are natural ways to improve your mobility and live pain free, why not?! Soothing joint pain is one of the benefits of black cohosh for health. It is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the Black Cohosh. It is a great natural remedy for any arthritic, muscle or joint pain…and this is found in JointZen™