Top 10 Foods to Balance Estrogen

Top 10 foods to Balance Female Hormones

Here is a list of the top ten foods that can help support a women’s hormonal equilibrium. These vegetables, fruits and nuts are natural cures for stress, weight gain and insomnia often caused by low estrogen levels.

Why Is Balancing Estrogen Levels Important?

For thousands of years food has not only been used as fuel for our bodies, but also medicinally. By using the correct foods, we create a powerful impact on our health. Healthy foods are a form of medicine which has a tremendous effect on our health, especially for women challenged with Perimenopause and Menopausal symptoms. At this point in a woman's life estrogen levels can spiral out of whack. It is estimated that half of the women across the world suffer from some type of estrogen imbalance. Estrogen imbalances can cause weight gain, migraines, constant fatigue, decreased sex drive, and a higher risk for breast cancer. Let us look at the top ten foods to balance estrogen.


Beans are extremely high in protein and offer us a meatless way to gain the building blocks without ingesting animal fat. Protein is required to repair our body and helps to fuel the immune system. Without proteins our body cannot function properly. Beans such as lima, chickpeas, and black beans offer a high level of protein, rich in fiber, and keep you feeling full longer. Beans contain potassium, calcium, and magnesium which are excellent to help strengthen bones.


Walnuts are excellent in balancing hormones. They have been shown to reduce breast cancer, a disease which plagues women around the world. Walnuts also have amazing heart health benefits and contain antioxidants, found in very few foods. They are also known to help improve skin in terms of ageing and to provide anti-inflammatory effects for the body. They are extremely high in omega-3‘s.


Avocados are high in what is called “plant sterols”. These help to balance estrogen and progesterone in our bodies. Plant sterols are substances in avocados that have been shown to limit the levels of cholesterol that are absorbed by the body. Avocados are also high in vitamins such as C, E, K, and vitamin B.


Broccoli is a wonderful vegetable to balance estrogen levels. It is a highly fibrous vegetable containing a compound called diindolylmethane. Diindolylmethane has been shown to increase the metabolic impact on estrogen and has been identified as reducing the size of tumorous growth. Broccoli is also a powerful antioxidant and rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil contains medium chain fatty acids which work in the liver to elevate energy levels. This natural oil also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help to fight viruses and infections. Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years throughout Caribbean countries. It has shown to promote hair growth, maintain gums and teeth, aid in digestion, improve skin and nail care. Coconut oil can be taken internally or topically on the skin. 


Tahini can join the club as a balancing estrogen agent. It is not only good for heart health, but aids in helping build our immune system and contributes to healthy skin. Tahini helps to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Made from sunflower seeds, tahini is a wonderful spread on toast or can be used as a dip accompanied with vegetables and pita bread.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are high in Vitamin C and calcium. They offer a wonderful alternative to milk products for bone density maintenance. Bell peppers also contain antioxidants and help the body to remove free radicals. 

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are rich in photo-chemicals that help to improve our immune defense. They are a powerful anti-inflammatory and assist in the metabolism of estrogen. In studies tart cherries have been shown to help improve sleep patterns. They are also high in fiber, vitamins, calcium and folic acid. Believe it or not, tart cherries also decrease fat. How could something so good, be so good for you?!


North American Indigenous women have been using strawberries for thousands of years to balance hormones. It has been used and trusted by many females for its medicinal purposes. This beautiful red berry is high in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens have been shown to prevent bone loss, reduce hot flashes and essentially act like a hormonal replacement therapy!


Kale has been shown to block the production of estrogen. We know from breast cancer studies that high estrogen levels are indicative of breast cancer patients. Kale has been shown to promote healthy estrogen levels and eliminate the excess production of this female hormone.

The Estrogen Food Alternative

Before looking at prescription drugs, try a natural approach to balancing estrogen levels. Consider changing your diet to incorporate these ten wonderful foods into your daily nutrition.

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