The Benefits of L-Theanine for Mental Focus 

The Benefits of L-Theanine for Mental Focus 

In the age of constant distraction and multitasking, it's a challenge to stay focused. That's why many people are turning to natural remedies like L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea leaves. 

Here are five studies that have highlighted the benefits of L-theanine for mental focus. 

  • A 2009 study published in Nutritional Neuroscience found that L-theanine had a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and perform mental tasks.[1] In this study, participants were given either 200mg or 400mg of L-theanine prior to performing a task requiring sustained attention. The results showed that those who took 400 mg of L-theanine performed better than those who took 200mg—showing that higher doses can be beneficial for mental focus. 
  • A 2011 study published in Biological Psychology found that participants who received a 200mg dose of L-theanine demonstrated enhanced performance when completing an attention task.[2] This suggests that even lower doses can have a positive effect on mental focus. 
  • A 2013 study published in the Journal of Nutrition Science and Vitaminology found that taking 250 mg of L-theanine daily improved cognitive function, including reaction time and accuracy.[3] This suggests that taking regular doses of L-theanine may help improve cognitive performance over time. 
  • A 2014 study published in Nutrients found that taking 200mg of L-theanine daily improved cognitive performance and reduced stress levels among university students.[4] This shows us that L-theanine can help reduce stress while improving mental performance in individuals with high levels of stress or anxiety. 
  • Finally, a 2017 study published in Phytotherapy Research found that taking 200 mg of L-theanine daily improved executive functioning—a set of skills related to planning and decision making—in healthy older adults.[5] This suggests that taking regular doses of L-theanine can help improve executive functioning among older adults as well as young people. 

These five research studies offer compelling evidence for the benefits of taking regular doses of L–theanine for improved mental focus and cognitive function across all ages, from college students to older adults alike! If you're looking for an effective way to sharpen your mind without resorting to harsh stimulants or addictive substances, then L–theanine could be your answer![6] 


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