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About Edica Naturals

CEO Ann Barnes researched plant-based solutions and designed a 100% Natural supplement line geared towards women over forty. Edica Naturals was founded to give back to like-minded men & women in need of a Simple Solution to be at their Optimum.

Hi, I’m Ann,

Years of successful entrepreneurial pursuits did not prepare me for one of my greatest challenges: finding simple solutions to reverse the 'untimely' aging process.

My quest began while attempting to alleviate the joint pain and inflammation in my right knee. My knee pain was brought on by years of running on paved city streets and was exacerbated while participating in a 10K obstacle course race. If that wasn’t enough, around the same time, menopause reared its ugly hot head and sent me into a sweaty and confounded mess. Ann-swers were needed!

After researching potential plant-based solutions and spending a fortune on online supplements, I found that none of them really worked. I was also surprised to find that there were very few health supplement lines that were female focused, and none that were geared towards women over forty.

Of the lines out there, none of them reflected my fundamental beliefs that healthy supplements must be: natural, plant-based (where possible); supported by fact-based scientific research; and, most importantly, the stuff HAS TO WORK!

I felt like marketers and corporate boardrooms were treating me and other women my age, as either invisible or irrelevant.

This pissed me off. Then I did it myself.

So welcome to our Edica Naturals family my new friend! Let’s get you started on the journey to the REAL YOU!

With Love,

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