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Garbage In Garbage Out

Ever heard of that familiar saying, you are what you eat? It’s true. That’s because your body’s daily performance is run on fuel that we get from our daily diet. Ever find yourself in too much of a hurry to prepare a wholesome lunch for your break at work that you opt to go through a drive through for fast food instead? These unhealthy eating habits all contribute to your short and long term health.

The bad vs the good

If you are fueling your body with bad poor quality foods, don’t expect to get any more than that out of your daily performance. The foods you eat effect the way you think, function, feel and look, effecting your general health and wellbeing.

On the other hand, by eating a healthy balanced diet with good wholesome foods will help you function at your best. Healthy food and lifestyle provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for certain bodily functions. The body needs vitamins A, D, E, K, C and the B vitamins along with minerals and essential fatty acids to stay healthy. By starting a healthy diet now, you could save yourself from certain health risks in your future such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Grab some vitamin A along with essential fatty acids to keep your eyes, skin and hair in top notch shape from foods such as mangoes, hempchia and spinach. Vitamin C can be found in any citrus fruits, tomatoes and bell peppers. Our brain requires vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids in order to keep our body running smoothly and efficiently, and this can be found in foods such as hemp and bananas. [1]

So how do you ensure your cutting out the ‘bad stuff’ completely? Basically, by avoiding anything processed. Foods that contain saturated fats, Trans fats and bad cholesterol such as store bought fatty cheeses, ice cream, cookies, chips and donuts. If there’s nothing wholesome about it and you can’t pronounce half the ingredients on the packaging… Do you think it’s going to do anything good for your body? No – your body can’t pronounce them either. Opt for wholesome, superfoods to get the most out of your diet.

Ways to get to a better you

  • Cut out any fake, processed, or fast foods
  • Eat healthy from a young age – this will aid in prevention of health risks later in life
  • Don’t cut out your fats completely – just replace your fat intake with healthy good fats instead. Up your consumption of essential fatty acids (abundantly found in hemp and chia). These will help in brain development in children and adults keeping you sharp and will improve conditions of your skin, hair and nails, keeping them strong and beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside
  • Opt for foods high in protein such as beans, hemp heartschiaquinoa which are also high in fibre, pushing those bad toxins out of your body – for good
  • Add foods high in antioxidants such as raw cacao, golden berries and blueberries to aid in cleansing your digestion system leading to a better, healthier YOU!

[1] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16770950

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