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Our Beginnings


Edica Naturals’ was born out of the joint vision of the Co-Founding business team of Ann and Andrew.

Ann and Andrew both share past experience in the health food and consumer packaged goods industries. Their combined passion for affordable, highly nutritious quality food with a positive environmental footprint is a reflection of each of their health and family focus. While each parenting their own young children and twins, they sought to create a company that reflects their collective family value vision of healthy food that: nourishes the body, reduces health risks and is grown with care and sustainability for generations to come.

In trying to determine a name for their new superfood venture, they decided to focus it on their children, who represent the next generation of healthy eating and need for sustainable agriculture. The name ‘Edica’ is a word that is made up from the first initials of Ann’s 2 children and Andrew and his wife’s three children’s initials. The word ‘natural’ naturally followed. Edica Natural’s was borne.

We welcome you to the Edica Naturals’ family of superfoods – come and grow with us!

We provide Good-For-You food that is grown and produced by good people to help make great things happen.

Eat super, be super!

The Edica Team

ANN BARNESCo-Founder; Author and Public Educator
Ann began her career as a lawyer acting as legal counsel and business advisor for numerous private and publicly held companies, specializing in corporate and intellectual property law for the entertainment and consumer packaged goods industries.

After a personal epiphany, Ann’s passion for healthy food and lifestyle resulted in a dramatic career shift. Since then, she has acted as CEO for a number of functional health food companies with an international footprint, with the most recent being Edica Naturals. Ann is a well-respected public speaker and advocate for plant based clean eating and allergen free superfoods. Her passion for plant-based wellness and food chain sustainability in all aspects of life led to the publication of two health food and Vegan cookbooks: “Be a Better Being” and “Eat Super, be Super”.

Ann enjoys spending time and laughter with her two twin children and dreaming up new healthy recipes.

ANDREW MENHAMCo-Founder; Head of Logistics
Andrew graduated with a degree in ecology and environmental economics. He then pursued a career in Supply Chain and Global Procurement  with supermarkets in the UK. He then held various senior management positons in cost avoidance , global procurement and private label development teams.

In 2003, Andrew emigrated to Canada and has since worked in the role of VP logistics and operations for industry leader distribution companies, managed bottling facilities and most recently formed his own consulting company that focusses on developing sustainable  cost effective supply chain and procurement solutions for many blue chip companies.


Making a Difference
Giving back is central to our personal beliefs as Edica members and is instilled in our company culture.

We believe that community can be created and a big part of that process is education and information. At Edica, we want to provide and empower people with information about food and nutrition so we can all get informed with the correct facts not corporate marketing falsities. By doing so, we can help to take the fear out of food and support those that care about his planet for the generations to come.

Helping Hands
Locally, we’re proud to invest in communities through sponsorship, donations, and volunteerism. On a global basis we support those affected by natural disasters and take an environmentally responsible approach to our business. Employees are encouraged to be proactive and engaging with those less fortunate and in a time of need.

Our Planet
Being kind to the planet isn’t an annual campaign – it’s how we go about our daily business. We focus on working exclusively with the family owned farms and cooperatives, that have a clear understanding of the ecological need for sustainable farming and back to basics food quality. We plan to be a part of the planet’s solution to environmental issues and are active in a variety of ways to do our part for future generations.